The ever updating lexicon

I have a tendency to make up a lot of words. Some call it world-building, others call it confusing. Here's the running list!

New(?) Terms

Parrot-social (noun) - One sided relationships where you consume someone’s work and use their talking points without knowing them

Lane merge (noun) - When an novel idea becomes so popular it is indistinguishable from common sense

To second life (verb) - When someone achieves excellence in one area, and switches to find excellence in another

Walk-blocked (noun) - When the conditions of the built environment prevent one from being a pedestrian

To fairy godparent (verb) - To conspire good things behind someone’s back

Slow burn dog (noun) - “She’s got that slow burn dog in her”, a methodical, pervasive determination that realizes itself over a longer period of time.

Desk jockey (noun) - Used in the context of an engineering workplace. Someone that refuses to try things with their hands and mostly works from the laptop.

Drive by comment (noun) - When someone that lacks context makes a comment. Sounds accusatory but is neutral!

Entity convergence (noun) - Brands acting like people and people acting like brands. For example, the yassification of Wendy's. On the human side, a similar but different term is being "org brained" (s/o Parth)

Much edu about nothing (bit) - A Shakespearean nod. When you think you're learning a lot, but it disappears from working memory because none of the knowledge was put to practice.

Old terms, made new

Truth decay (noun) - The slow, insidious degredation of a shared factual ground.

The patron saint of _____ - Someone that is deeply protective of something, be it a personal, place or concept. Especially jarring/amusing when used for banal things. Eg. She is the patron saint of the Schneiders Sign of the Kitchener-Waterloo corrdor.

Terms I'm still looking for

  • (noun) - The warm feeling when someone takes your content recommendation
  • (noun) - When the world becomes very different to you, but you look the same to everyone else
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