Times I've Felt Unnaturally Lucky

A dose of pronoia a day, keeps the doctor away


  • For growing up with eccentric parents


  • For having good, healthy food to sustain me through this grind period.


  • For everything


  • For accidentally choosing to be in a city with such good biking infrastructure


  • Watching through old Photobooth time capsules. Realizing that what I'm doing right now is what I've always wanted to do. Me 5 years ago would be freaking out.


  • Finishing filming the documentary!!


  • For getting to interview knowledgeable people experimenting with varying public private partnership configurations


  • For working with awesome people that push me to advocate for myself, even when it's uncomfortable


  • For making it home for Christmas after 5 days of travelling in misc airports and trains due to the storm.
  • For Mom's food


  • For making friends with a group of strangers after getting lost on a train.
    • Heard the background lore of one person, mentioning how he sought asylum from South Sudan because he would have likely gotten killed otherwise. He walked us through the details of his past life and the people he left behind. Despite sending money back, the sheer thought of not being able to help everyone escape haunts him. I nearly teared up. Living in Canada is a privilege I often forget I have.


  • For living in a timeline where I can learn about AlphaTensor and other mind boggling projects


  • For cool internet strangers that aren't afraid to reach out


  • For having friends that will take care of me while sick. I feel like I'm building my own second family around people I really love.


  • For having friends that you feel confident introducing to anyone, and calling on for anything.


  • For having managers that look out for you and treat you like a human being


  • Wrapping up an extremely smooth road trip. No accidents, conflict, or unexpected issues. What are the odds?


  • Having good friends to help me make hard decisions
  • Living in a world where air conditioning exists


  • Recently, I've been helping friends workshop writing/videos/research before sending it out into the world. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such smart, kind, action oriented people. I must have saved a village in a past life for this and hope I can make them proud in the same way


  • Having a strong, innate interest for problems that seem unsexy to others
  • For working somewhere where work doesn't feel like work
  • Getting into the groove of working out really early in the morning. Having habits where my heart rate can rise alongside the sun


  • Finding "Kiss of Venus" by Dominic Fike, and then being able to play it over and over and over again.
  • Getting the window seat


  • Having a really kind AirBnb host that made me gluten-free pumpkin bread. She also talked to me about her role in curriculum planning for Colorado's foster system and about the trickle down of seemingly beneficial "evidence based policies" that were implemented.


  • Going skiing for the first time and not suffering any major injuries
  • Getting to work with a team that is witty, fun, but also highly competent


  • Booking the last 5:50am shuttle from Breckenridge, to make it in time for Engineering Nationals (and so Sean's mom could watch)
  • Already being on the line with customer support when Ben needed to book his ticket as well


  • Showing up to 285 lectures because Esther sent a text, even when I planned not to. The lecture ended up not being recorded


  • Getting my servo motor gripper to work right at the time that I needed it to
  • Scoring roommates that eat as much, late, and healthy as I do


  • Dating someone that doesn't get mad that I pass out in the middle of a crossword during our date night


  • Joss's batmobile rescue to have a math sleepoever, during my time of crisis


  • Finding beautiful 501 Levi jeans in New York
  • Never having to use cash, especially since I didn't have any on hand
  • Being bumped up to sit further up in the airplane and getting my bag checked, just because I lined up later


  • Clicking out of my transit directions, and still getting to my end destination without Wi-Fi
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