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Concepts I can't raise, but I think should exist

Every idea needs a loving creator. I wish I had the time to see all of these to fruition, but likely won't. Let me know if you end up making any of these!


  • Snap maps with a temporal component. Indicate which city you'll be in at any given point in the future
  • Visualization of part of color space missing by not switching to LCH
  • Spotify blend but for books. Throw any two books together and take a diff of your and your friend's highlighted sections
  • Plague Inc but for designing rumours. How would you design gossip so it would infiltrate every WeChat/Whatsapp supercircle?
  • Tab version control I now think this is a bad idea. Delete your tabs. If you don't get to them in a week you probably won't ever.

Information Science

  • A new, more comprehensive Dewey Decimal system


  • ASMR session for but for people on runs or doing intense workouts. Pre-recorded motivation.


  • Positive prank/spam calls
  • Advice Russian roulette
  • 2FA but it calls a random person in your contacts to confirm your identity
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