To Shoot on Set

Through my lens

2-3 Weeks Out

  • Lock shooting script
  • Finalize budget
  • List out everything. Timeline, IP rights, budget, locations, permits, crew, equipment, costume items, set enhancements, tech stack.
  • Create rough production schedule
  • Scout and secure permits for locations, if applicable
  • Scout out key production heads. Mainly director and DP, maybe some production support
  • Cast talent

1 Week Out

  • Visit out all location thoroughly. Confirm lighting during time of day and shoot demo shots
  • Storyboard with audio notes
  • Check in with crew to confirm availability and responsibilities
  • Book equipment for shoot days, confirm rentals
  • Note down everyone's favorite snacks

3 Days Out

  • Create time sheet for when crew and talent should arrive. Stagger if appropriate to avoid crowded set
  • Pick up props, costumes, and set enhancements

1 Day Out

  • Buy snacks and refreshments for team
  • Confirm rides with crew members
  • Charge all batteries
  • Pick up rental equipment. Take inventory of all items and respective damages.
  • Print scripts, storyboards, logistical plans. Get a nice clipboard if you haven't
  • Pack camera, lenses, tripod, lights, boom poles, mic, multiple batteries, SD card with proper storage, hard drive, adapters, printed materials, props, costumes, and set enhancements

Day Of

  • Check, double check, triple check audio quality. You will not be fixing that in post
  • Refer to your lists. There should be no surprises
  • Review thumbnails to make sure there's enough variety of content. Remember to get variety of aesthetic, texture/tone, and ambiance/pace

Day After

  • Thank you notes!! So many thank you notes
  • Copy all footage to hard drive. Label and sort
  • Get material, appearance, and location permissions slips signed if you haven't already
  • Send out invoice template, pay people as soon as possible
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